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Our Revolution UMass Amherst Endorses Casey Pease for State Representative

This campaign season has shown that if we come together behind bold progressive fighters, we can win. Casey Pease has shown himself to be one of those fighters. On the ballot this September 4th, we have a candidate who has dedicated himself to the fight for a stronger and more prosperous Massachusetts. He doesn't take corporate cash-bribes and isn't afraid to advance the most pragmatic and progressive policies.  We need a representative who isn't afraid to fight for Medicare for All, who isn't afraid to fight for our farmers with the agricultural preservation restriction program, who isn't afraid to fight for students with debt-free higher education. For too long, our politics have been driven by fear. A fear of a future unfit for our families. A fear of an empty cupboard. A fear of gargantuan and out-of-touch corporations. Even a fear of our own elected officials. With Casey fighting for us at Beacon Hill, we can help stop that fear. We can begin returning our government to average, working-class Americans. That's why Our Revolution UMass Amherst is proud to endorse Casey Pease for the 1st Franklin District.