The word “Progressive” gets thrown around a lot these days.

Casey will fight for single-payer healthcare, 100% renewable energy, public records laws that finally cover our entire state government, last-mile broadband, and debt-free higher education. He’s already been doing it his whole life. Casey shares the perspective and values of the district and will advocate for the unique wants and needs of each of our 19 towns. He’ll also work closely with the other members of the Western Mass delegation, good friends he has gotten to know through years of local involvement, to see to it that our region is fully represented on Beacon Hill.

Caseys record and priorities mark him as a proven progressive who will be an advocate for

Casey at Atlas Farm.jpg

Agriculture and the Rural Economy

Encouraging entrepreneurship to boost job growth and economic development, funding public transportation and affordable housing, protecting the state and local income tax deduction, supporting paid family leave and a minimum wage indexed to inflation and further developing infrastructure, including completing last-mile broadband internet.

Supporting local farmers by incentivizing agricultural land preservation and sustainable farming practices, requiring public institutions to purchase local products and produce, along with educating and training the next generation of farmers.

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Quality Public Schools and Debt-Free College

Fully funding universal pre-K up through K–12 public education and giving teachers and districts the resources they need by fixing the funding formula, fully reimbursing regional transportation costs, offering rural sparsity aid and funding or reducing unfunded state mandates.

Moving away from charter schools and high-stakes standardized tests to focus on achieving equity and preparing students to succeed.

Guaranteeing debt-free public college while revitalizing vocational schools and high school internships and apprenticeships, in addition to community colleges, to expand opportunity.

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The Environment, Climate, and Clean Energy

Maximizing energy efficiency, clean renewables and emissions standards to reduce utility bills, create green jobs, improve public health, secure America’s energy independence, promote environmental justice and combat climate change.

Resisting all pipelines and recognizing that importing hydropower from Canada isn’t enough and damages river ecosystems.

Raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard by 3% (or more!) per year and giving our communities access to energy as local as Casey is.

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Affordable Healthcare and the Opioid Epidemic

Curbing costs for prescription drugs, safeguarding services for veterans and seniors, backing community health centers and becoming the first state to implement a single payer healthcare system (Medicare-for-all).

Expanding and integrating drug treatment while prioritizing prevention, recovery over incarceration and criminal justice reforms.

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Campaign Finance Reform and Civic Engagement

Championing reforms such as same-day voter registration and ranked-choice voting, stronger public records laws and enforcement, and continued work to keep special interest money out of our politics.

Fostering public participation in our democracy, from advancing civics education and community service to forming a youth council and ensuring accessible constituent services.