Our Team

The most diverse in this race by far

We’re sharing this information below because our team believes in transparency. But we also believe in Casey, and we’re sharing a little bit about that too! All around we want to be as approachable as our candidate, so feel free to take a moment and get to know us.


Stephanie Slysz

Campaign Manager

I support Casey because he’s one of the most genuine, compassionate and enthusiastic people I know. He also has the right mix of personality, progressive ideals, and local relationships to be an effective and bold leader in the State House. Originally from Worthington, I’m a lifelong Hampshire County resident and a graduate of both Mount Holyoke, the first in my family to go to college, and the Women’s Fund of Western Mass’s Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI). In recent years, I’ve served as the Franklin County coordinator for Attorney General Maura Healey’s campaign, communications director for former Greenfield mayoral candidate Patty Morey Walker, and a fellow for former Governor Deval Patrick at his Western Mass office. Currently, I’m a founding member of the Hatfield Community Garden and an executive administrator to the Florence-based anti-corruption non-profit Represent.Us. Growing up in a rural but tight-knit community, working as a manager at the town bar, volunteering as a Worthington firefighter, and getting through high school in the 21st century without internet, all prove Casey has the grit and perspective to fully represent his community. He’ll get the job done as state rep and also challenge the status-quo thinking on Beacon Hill.


Cory Sung Bisbee

Campaign Chair

As a fellow graduate of this district’s public schools, I’m proud to be on Team Casey because of his unmatched progressive record. I’m a first-generation Korean American, but my father is from Williamsburg and my grandfather was born in Deerfield. My family has strong ties to most all 19 towns in the district, having come to what is now 1st Franklin in 1755 after first arriving in what was Plymouth Colony in 1634. Horatio Bisbee served as state representative for these towns in the 1890s, Homer Bisbee served as Chesterfield treasurer (1907–33), Charles Bisbee, Sr., as a county commissioner (1936–40), Charles Bisbee, Jr., as our state representative (1949–62) and our state senator (1963–66), and Roger Bisbee as Williamsburg fire chief (1978–99). As for me, I’ve worked on veterans’ affairs, Social Security and Medicare issues, and other constituent services for Congressman Jim McGovern in his district office. Having seen the the importance of our representatives having a deep understanding of the people they represent and having worked under Casey, a local volunteer firefighter himself, on Andrea Harrington’s progressive campaign for state senate, I can say that he has exactly the understanding of the area and devotion to public service that’s needed in this district’s next state rep.


Nathalie Amazan

Policy and Social

I met Casey at a time when I was still finding my footing in political advocacy. Casey presented himself as a confident leader, and he inspired me to see the importance of getting more young people active in our democracy. I believe some of the most pressing issues of our time are mass incarceration and the dysfunctional criminal justice system, and I know that Casey’s commitment to our progressive values addresses these issues at their root. The lack of debt-free public higher education, universal healthcare, affordable housing, and funding for public transportation are only some of the reasons why our most vulnerable communities, such as low-income communities of color, find themselves funneled into the broken criminal justice system. Leaders like Casey will fight for a system that works for all in the Commonwealth while pushing for solutions to foundational issues so that all of our 19 communities may thrive. My home for the last two years has been here in Western Mass as a political advocate and student leader. I am confident that Casey will bring a fresh progressive perspective to the table so that people in this district can know they have a champion in the State House.


Hannah Green

Communications Director

I’m proud to be a member of #TeamCasey because like him, I’m a product of this district. I graduated from Gateway Regional High School, and my mother teaches at Littleville Elementary School. My education was shaped by bright teachers, enthusiastic parent involvement, and close community ties. But now I see the clubs and teams that raised me—skiing, soccer, and Model UN—shrinking with the size of some of our schools. I see teachers, including my mom, paying out of pocket for classroom supplies that the district can’t cover. I see so much opportunity in our district for growth. There’s a way forward for us through bold, progressive reforms brought forth by local leaders, and Casey has the vision of opportunity for this district to get us where we need to be.


Isaac Stewart

Field Director

Living in the 1st Franklin District has instilled in me a love for this place and the people that make it up. Casey knows the issues here and is passionately fighting for a better future for our communities today. As a resident and someone raised in the district, I appreciate that Casey has that local touch. A graduate of Hampshire Regional, I’m behind him because I grew up experiencing some of the same hardships and obstacles as others from our area. As a junior studying Public Policy and History at MCLA in North Adams, I work at a restaurant right in the district and pay my own way for college. Seeing the energy and heart that Casey is putting in is inspiring, and I want to others to be inspired too.