Denae Kessel Dostal: Pease will boldly use his voice for constituents

In the midst of an increasingly frustrating political landscape on the national level, I have been reinvigorated by the campaign of Casey Pease, candidate for state representative in the 1st Franklin District.

I first met Casey when he was in the 6th grade at Gateway Regional Middle School. I was his physical education teacher and even from that young age, Casey showed responsibility, compassion and leadership within our school community. Over the years I have had the privilege to watch Casey develop his passion for civic outreach through community service, advocacy and grassroots politics.

I have been a teacher and an MTA union member for 10 years and believe Casey brings a unique educational perspective. Casey received his K-12 education in a regional school district and understands firsthand the unique needs of our rural schools. Our communities need an innovative and enthusiastic representative with fresh ideas. When listening to Casey’s platform, it is instantly evident that he is proud to have been born and raised here and has the energy needed to bridge the gap between Boston and western Massachusetts. His family has instilled in him a remarkable work ethic. This combined with his youthful optimism, diligent determination, and homegrown mindset will be invaluable to our district.

Whether you are a nurse, teacher, farmer, small business owner, hunter or veteran, Casey will boldly use his voice for you. Change starts at the local level so I encourage you to help reinvigorate our rural communities by voting Casey Pease for state representative of the 1st Franklin District on Sept. 4.

Denae Kessel Dostal

Originally published in The Recorder

Cory Bisbee