Casey Pease Campaign Responds to Rep. Kulik’s Endorsement of Establishment Opponent

August 16, 2018 - After pledging to steer clear of endorsing any particular candidate and leaving it up to, “the voters to decide,” retiring State Rep. Steve Kulik endorses Natalie Blais out of the seven candidates vying for the 1st Franklin seat and Casey Pease's campaign responds.

"The news is not surprising even if it is troubling," said Stephanie Slysz, campaign manager. "Part of being a progressive is being bold enough to personally invest in our public schools and support Medicare for All without prompting. Natalie Blais has done neither."

"It's undeniable that Blais is the old guard, establishment favorite in this race,” said Casey Pease. “But Steve Kulik's retirement represents a generational change-- and the people of this district want a bold new generation."

Casey is a local volunteer firefighter and community organizer who chairs the Worthington Democratic Town Committee. He was hired as the youngest full-time staffer on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and has devoted his life to advocating for working-class families—from getting big money out of politics to walking the picket lines with our nurses and teachers and fighting for Medicare for All.

Cory Bisbee