Cathy Roth & Victoria Reed: Pease Represents Future of Hilltowns

Casey Pease is running in the Democratic primary for the state rep seat that includes all of our hilltowns. Casey was born-and-raised in Worthington, is a Gateway and UMASS grad, worked with the MTA on the Save Our Schools Campaign, is an emerging leader in Western MA, and was the youngest paid staff member in the country on Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign - a true testament to Bernie’s confidence in Casey.

While Casey is clearly progressive, he is also a bridge-builder. You see his signs in the yards of Bernie supporters, but also of die-hard Trump voters. When I ask neighbors about this they reply that they know Casey, their kids grew up with him, and he is an impressive locally-grown and grounded guy who they believe in and would like to give a chance to lead. 

While there are other good candidates we think Casey is the one who best knows the hilltowns, best represents the future, most successfully engages and motivates young people who we need in politics, and is a proud champion of progressive values like home-rule and the power of people’s own voices. 

What young person goes into politics these days? Casey Pease does! Let’s give this bright, bold, local, gutsy, go-getter a chance to show us what he’s got. Let’s choose Casey like Bernie did to lead.

Please remember to vote on Sept. 4.

Cathy Roth & Victoria Reed

Originally published in the Country Journal

Cory Bisbee