Pease endorsed by Worthington Select Board Members

WORTHINGTON — Casey Pease, state representative candidate for the 1stFranklin District, has been endorsed by Worthington select board members Charley Rose and Steve Smith.

“I've known Casey for several years and watched him take an active role in a wide range of town activities, from membership in the Volunteer Fire Department to working at Liston's Bar & Grill to taking the reigns of our Democratic Party. He's a very ambitious young man and an incredibly hard worker,” said Rose.

Pease is a lifelong resident of the district and chairs the Worthington Democratic Town Committee. His strong progressive credential include working as the youngest paid staffer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and organizing for the Save Our Public Schools campaign and the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Well before many other candidates' recent moves to the district, Casey had already authored a resolution and worked with current state legislators to get it passed.

“What's most important to me as a select board member is rebuilding our western Mass legislative delegation,” said Rose, “To do that we need someone who not only knows the region and its issues, but someone who has done the hard work of building coalitions and contacts with key players. Casey has done that. The next few years will be critical for western Mass and I know that Casey understands that and will work with ALL his fellow legislators to make sure western Mass is represented in Boston.”

In his endorsement letter, Smith described Pease as an extraordinary young man whose experience and passion make him well-equipped to represent our district. “He has a strong progressive perspective, is a good listener, and a strong desire to serve. He is a worthy successor to Steve Kulik,” added Smith.

“It speaks volumes that local government officials recognize the need for homegrown, bold candidates who have an on-the-ground understanding of the issues our district faces. I grew up here. I chose to stay here. And ever since I can remember, I’ve chosen to serve as a public servant for my community,” said Pease.

Pease is running to represent the towns of Ashfield, Buckland, Chester, Chesterfield, Conway, Cummington, Deerfield, Goshen, Huntington, Leverett, Middlefield, Montague, Plainfield, Shelburne, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Whately, Williamsburg, and Worthington in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, Sept. 4.


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Cory Bisbee