Describes Casey Pease as bold, home-grown

As we travel up and down and around the Hilltowns, Casey Pease is everywhere. You can’t miss him.

We see him at events across the 19 towns and his campaign signs are everywhere in blue and white and they are so representative of who he is: “bold, progressive and home grown.”

He may be the youngest candidate in the race for retiring Rep. Steve Kulik’s seat, but he has a resume, the wisdom and the vision that some people attain much later in life.

Having worked on Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the 2016 presidential election, traveling around the country with him and organizing youth and rural voters, Pease understands what we need to bring change in our political systems. He maintains that we don’t need more politicians, but we need more public servants and we couldn’t agree more.

He is bold in the very best of ways, bold and confident, and he will amplify the issues of our rural towns that Boston often forgets. He is progressive. He will fight to fully fund our public schools, for single-payer health care and getting big money’s influence out of politics.

Sanders wanted him on his team and so do we. He is home-grown, right here in the Hilltown of Worthington and the only candidate in the race with the invaluable life experience of growing up in the district and graduating from our regional public schools.

Regardless of who you’re considering voting for in the Sept. 4 primary election, if you get the opportunity, go to an event where Pease is speaking. Before he turned 18, too young to vote at our annual Town Meeting, members took a vote and gave him permission to speak. He captivated his audience, received a standing ovation and many of us knew right then that not if but when Pease decides to run for office, he would have our vote.

We look forward to casting our vote for Casey Pease on Sept. 4 and we encourage you to do so, too.

Deen Nugent, Rose Sherman, Barbara Pease, Pat Nugent, Bert Nugent, Carolyn Jacobson, Evan Johnson, Barbara Porter, Betty Parish, Kelly Wolf, Carol Labonte, Paul Labonte, Chelsea Wolf

Originally published in The Country Journal and the Daily Hampshire Gazette

Cory Bisbee